About Top Ten Developers

The Top Ten Developers web portal has been created by a team of dedicated experts to help businesses seeking web design and app development services find the most reliable outsourcing digital companies. Our goal is to keep you informed about the best app development and design companies on the digital market. We use only reliable information and do not sell spots on our lists.

Last year we found ourselves in an urgent need of a good and reliable development company to fulfil our dreams of a brilliant app into reality. Talking with business partners, colleagues and friends, we’ve found out that it may be a real challenge to choose a partner for software creation. In an effort to solve the issue, we organized our community of experts in business and IT, young researches and mature analysts. We’ve invited professional developers to be a part of our team with an aim to create a catalogue of reliable app developers. Our goal is to help businesses outsource software development projects and secure them from malicious vendors who provide businesses with misleading information about the quality of their services. Thus we have embarked on a journey to create a web portal offering the list of trustworthy app developers who provide high-quality services. Over time, our team has expended as Top Ten Developers have been joined by like-minded experts who share our beliefs and have an in-depth understanding of the web design industry.

To select the best agencies in the IT industry we have developed an evaluation methodology based on investigating the portfolios and comparing the leading software development agencies around the globe. The chief measures of the quality of app development services are the companies’ achievements, history, client reviews and their approach towards software development.

Initial Research

We start our evaluation process by conducting an initial research on the types of services and digital solutions offered by various app developers and designers. Our experts believe that it is essential to analyse what kind of solutions the digital agencies provide to their clients, what type of development they focus on and how many successful projects they have completed within the prefered type of service. At this stage, the team of analytics review companies’ portfolios, check case studies and examine feedback produced by previous clients of these app developers. In order to gather more reliable feedback, we provide every internet user with an opportunity to share their opinion on the development company and rate their services on the Ten Top Developers website.


Ten Top Developers’ evaluation process considers various factors that define the quality of the software designed by each company, including tools and techniques that the developers utilise to create their products. Every digital agency has their specific approach towards app development based on their corporate principles and management methods. When evaluating the developers, we take into consideration many different aspects that we believe to define the quality of the end product and shape the experience that clients have outsourcing app development to an app developer of their choice.

Ten Top Developers Evaluation Factors

Ten Top Developers’ team of experts rates every company on the basis of more than 50 parameters, including the following key measures:
  • Software quality
    • Compliance with the SRS
    • No bugs
    • Stable performance under peak loads
    • Invulnerability
    • Fast performance
  • Service
    • Scope of services
    • Client communication
    • Time of response to the client’s queries
    • Product support and maintenance
    • Transparency of the development process
  • Client reviews
    • We offer our clients to take part in the creation of our Top Ten Developers list and rate the experience they have with app development companies.
  • Website audit
    • Branding strategy
    • Usability
    • Visual appeal
    • Content
    • Search optimisation
  • Code estimation
    • Functionality
    • Reliability
    • Usability
    • Efficiency
    • Maintenance
    • Portability

Contribution to the Digital Industry

Each web development company offers a wide range of services to their clients and has its unique place on the digital market. Our experts take into consideration a web agency’s position within the IT marketplace either as a leading developer, a source of digital innovations or an inspiration for prospective programmers and designers. We value the app development firms that contribute to the future of the internet technologies, participate in various events, conferences, trainings and share their experience and knowledge with others. Our specially trained experts check whether an app developer takes an active part in the technological progress and use this information to determine the true groundbreakers and trend-setters who care for the future of the app design and development industry.


We realise that app development is a complex process with many risks involved, and the developer you choose may either help you achieve success or fail to fulfill your demands. For this reason, we thoroughly analyse all customer feedback to reveal if there are any unsatisfied clients or negative reviews that could damage the reputation of the firm. For instance, if we see that a developer often fails to meet the deadline or does not answer promptly to client’s queries, we lower the rating of the developer and record this information in the company’s profile. We want to supply with credible information on every software development company and recommend only the best developers, who will without a doubt meet your expectations and add value to your business.