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Mobile app development industry is on the rise around the whole world. It is an incredibly fast growing market, which results in a huge competition among mobile app developers and designers. According to statistics, worldwide mobile app revenues amount to more than $50 billion and are predicted to grow twofold by the year 2020. Outsourcing app development has become a common practice among businesses, but the number of failed projects remains high despite the huge amount of digital agencies.

Due to mobile app development industry’s success and big profits, many amateur programmers and designers who lack knowledge and experience appear on the market and try to grab their piece of a pie. As a result, their clients receive low-quality applications that fail to meet their requirements. After all, everyone promises first-class services and exceptional quality in the beginning. However, you can never know if what they promise is true. This list of top mobile app developers is a perfect solution to the problem. These skillful and experienced IT specialists create quality software for all existing mobile platforms. Here at Top Mobile App Developers you can read detailed profiles of each company and customer references, choosing the developer who will meet your requirements.

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Magora Systems

app development, app design, web app design, website creation, mobile app development, iOS app development, custom software creation Australia, USA, UK, Russia
$50 - $99 /hr
For over 6 years Magora Systems has been building mobile and desktop solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. The development agency has come a long way from its origins as two young developers to becoming an international corporation with professional staff and offices in different countries around the globe.The company focuses on building web and mobile apps, bespoke enterprise software, websites, corporate intranets and internet portals. Besides app development, Magora’s experienced specialists offer a wide range of services including product strategy development, website design, bespoke software creation, testing, quality assurance, software implementation, marketing, and continuous support and optimisation of all products.

"This was my first tech project, but I am so glad I got to work with these guys. It’s so easy to collaborate with them, which is why I am delighted we are continuing our partnership. I wholeheartedly recommend Magora to everyone interested in software and app development."
Bulat Khunkaev, business owner, ShowApp


5 South Main Street Englishtown, NJ 07726

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring App Developers

Whenever you have one of the eureka moments for the next killer app, you have to find a perfect team of skilled app developers to bring your ideas to life. However, there are certain factors that require extra attention if you want to avoid common mistakes when hiring mobile app developers:

  • Outsourcing. Avoid companies who work with freelancers or outsource part of their work - every third party involved in the process slows down the progress and sabotages quality.
  • Cheap bargains. If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. Decreasing costs developers have to compromise on the quality of the software. A quality software development cannot cost lower than the average price on the market.
  • Do not neglect the portfolio. Client reviews and a company’s portfolio are the only reliable source that can prove the developer’s expertise, so take some time to study project cases and read testimonials.

Lucky for you, our website contains all important information about trustworthy mobile app developers. We rate each design company on the basis of client reviews, references and their portfolios. The ratings are expanded all the time and new companies are added to the lists. Keep up with the best mobile app developers around the world at our web portal.