Australia, Sweden, USA, UK web app design
26 Broadway, 16th Floor New York NY 10004
1 212 518 4900
$150 - $199
ustwo is a digital production studio with office in the UK, the USA, Sweden and Australia, founded in 2004. Over more than 10 years in the web design and app development industry the company has worked as partners with a number of the biggest brands, from Google to Sky, Ford, Adidas and DeepMind. ustwo’s mobile games Monument Valley and Land's End have won numerous awards and have become icons in the smartphone gaming industry. The company's multicultural team includes more than 300 experts from over 30 countries who follow the principles defined by the ustwo’s manifesto, proclaiming purpose, mission, vision, values, objectives and measures that are the core of ustwo’s culture.

“ustwo consistently listened to our vision, internalized it, inspired it, and executed on it beyond our expectations. The collaboration was seamless, as if ustwo were an extension of our own team”.

— Morten Just, Android Wear Designer, Google